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HDD engine failure

To work with engine failure (disk was dropped, blocked the engine bearing, turned the engine axis, burned down the engine) is using a different methodology, depending on the particular HDD model. In some cases, the failure of engine data recovery is very simple, in other cases – a little more sophisticated. Identifies a wide range of engine failures – different manufacturers have different faults (sometimes they do not occur at all). Example: Maxtor, Seagate, Toshiba and Samsung drive the engine manufacturers sticking (usually an engine bearing failure) occur much more frequently than the manufacturer Western Digital drive. These drive the engine failure most often associated with the same motor windings burning. The failure is inherent and Maxtor drives. Failure of character – sounds like music. In this case, data recovery requires “Platters”, also known as “pancakes”, transfer to another engine.
All WD’s 2,5 “and the older 3,5” drives to the “Royal” architecture uses the same data recovery techniques. It is simple and independent of the “Platters” content. Hard drive (with a 1 “platter”), “Platter” transplantation newer architecture is simple. Almost the same we can say about these manufacturers as Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung, and Hitachi. The note that all 2,5” and 3,5” drives or more “Platters”, where there is no use of “spacer” and all the disks that contain only one “platter”, attributed to the uniform complexity of the work. These works price of 600 EUR. More difficult is the 3,5” drive, which are used for “spacer” for example: Seagate F3 or Maxtor (Native are full models), etc. Click here to use more complicated “Platters” sensing technology (as the same “space” has a certain barriers to capturing the “Platters” between the situations). Because of this, the price of work is a little bit higher for example: two “platters” with “spacer” transfer to another engine will cost you 600 EUR, and more “Platters” number of drives the price increases 200 EUR per unit over two “Platters”.
Example: F3 Seagate ST31000340AS has four „Platters“means the price will be calculated as follows: 600+ (200*2) =1000 EUR.

WD without "spacer" looks like this:                                   Seagate with "spacer" looks like this:


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