This service is perfomed only for the standart faults.
New in our laboratory

Delivery by courier

In order to facilitate the delivery of media to us, our company offers customers a new service. We will send a courier to your company, home or your work place to take media and delivery it to us to save tour precious time.

  • Please fill out the order form, which you find it here.
  • You have contact with us:
  • Tel. number: +370-603-60235; 8-(5)-2736996

Once we receive your request, we will contact you immediately and we will agree on transfer media.

Delivering media by courier, you have to know:

  • If it is possible, please put your hard disk into the anti-static bag.
  • Pack media in impact-resistant material so that it would not be further damaged during transportation.
  • Printed and singed order list put with the media.
On the box you have to stick on the contacts, which you find here.
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