This service is perfomed only for the standart faults.
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Advice to clients

  1. Preparing to give your hard disk to recover the data, you have to choose the company very carefully. The sending of media to an inexperienced professional may cause even greater damage. Mostly this is the main reason that data is lost forever.
  2. Never leave hard disk near the water, heat source, smoke etc.
  3. If you hear the unusual voice, then the disk is working we advice you to switch off it and don‘t use any more. You have to contact with the specialist, who will advice you.
  4. Don‘t rip off protective stickers of the hard disk! It may lead to further violations.
  5. Avoid the disk to function extremely low or high temperature.
  6. Do not try to recover the data with programs, which are all available.
  7. You have often do backups.
Before sending the media to data recovery company, you have to packaged it so that during transportation it will not be additional damaged.
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